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Financial Health Services For Conservators

If a person has diminished capacity or has lost the capacity to make certain types of decisions, the Probate Court may be petitioned to appoint a Conservator.  The role of Conservator breaks down into two types, "conservator of the person" and "conservator of the estate".  

Conservator Of The Person-If a family member is unwilling or unable to function in this role, you will probably need to hire a professional fiduciary.

Conservator of the Estate (Finances)-This type of conservator will now have many duties to perform. Among these are to see that a proper accounting is done and that the proper tax returns are filed. Therefore, it makes sense to contract with an outside fiduciary CPA like us to provide these services.

External CPA-If needed, we are available to act in the traditional role of providing external financial consulting advice to the Conservator of the Estate or to the Executor.

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