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Our CFO Services

The burdens of a CFO are at the highest level and include such functions as overseeing financial governance, risks, policies, planning, selecting and deploying financial software and supervision of the Financial Controller.  Unlike in the past, small business can now be run as well or even better than mid-sized and large companies due to improvements in communication and software. 

Contract with us as your CFO and we can act as a permanent, part-time member of your business community.  We can also act as a permanent, part-time Financial Sustainability Manager and Senior.  We are very flexible in our approach and with our new financial model we can provide you with the full range of services for your financial operations. 

Unified into all our Financial Harvesting® Services is our approach to environmental sustainability.  Therefore, when you contract with us you are also getting our GreenCFO(sm) Services. We were the first CPA firm to have this type of service in California and perhaps the nation.

I.  CFO Consulting For Businesses:  

These are the the consulting services we have the capability to provide to Businesses, Non-Profits and Governments.  These types of services fall into the following categories:

II.  CFO Services For Business Executives: 

III.  Financial Sustainability Seminars: 

These are seminars which we conduct on a wide variety of topics relating to Financial Sustainability For Businesses:

These are seminars which we conduct on a wide variety of topics relating to Financial Sustainability For Business Executives:

Has your CFO or CPA discussed their
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CFO's Online!
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CFO's Online(sm)
Part-time CFO's For Small Businesses
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